Monday, January 17, 2011

The Usual

I don't have enough posts where I obsess over Jean-Luc Godard. [Sarcasm.] But as I sit here eating my Middle Eastern dinner at 1 in the morning watching Pierrot le Fou, I think it only appropriate to express my love.

Every single shot is just so perfect. He uses the most beautiful humans. [Jean-Paul Belmondo? UGH. Brigitte Bardot? Anna Karina? They're all perfect. Oh my God, Jean Seberg. His female casting is the epitome of make-Alex-feel-inadequate.]

The best part of Le Mepris is at the very end when Camille says [in French, of course] "Get in your Alfa, Romeo." After Jerry asks her what she thinks of him.

And now that I'm editing this post exactly 12 hours after I started writing it, I realize that this post will only ever be relevant to me? Which means I'm done. Which also means the post below this one is the one that's going to have had more thought put into it, hahah. Oh weeeelll. Enjoy some movie stills.

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