Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mi Corazon

Oh hi, taking a break from Godard/Anna Karina obsessed blog posts to return to the ever familiar Japanese street fashion obsessed blog posts. Since it's only 11:12 [Ps; wat. It definitely feels like it's three in the morning and I'm just being an insomniac again.] I think I'm going to have some kind of ambitious wardrobe overhaul so that I can force second hand stores to buy everything I own/I can actually have money to buy more clothes with/la la la, more things you don't reaally care about?

Okay, here are pictures of cute Japanese girls in cute outfits. Excuse me while I cry my jealous eyes out.
[Also, playing the don't gaf game. If I've already posted these..oh well.]

Every image courtesty of It's my favorite corner of the internet. Well, top five.

Oh wait, but I'm still obsessed with pretending it's the 1960's and I'm Anna Karina and Jean-Luc Godard is putting me in all of his movies because I'm his muse. Oops.

La la la, I'm being such a girl tonight and I don't even care. Doing my make-up and fixing my closet, and MAYBE even a facemask. Who knows? I think I deserve this after five months of BioShock, Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter IV, and driving a Jeep. [Okay, self.]

Oh, meanwhile:

Friday, January 28, 2011


Okay, this is quite possibly the most bored I've been in ages. I'm pretty sure the last time I felt this nauseating combination of restless, energetic, and oh..stranded, was senior year of high school. What the hell is everyone else doing?

And even though it's already been Facebooked, this clip is my life.

[Not only because of the boredom. My life for the past month has just been a Godard-fest. And wah, Anna Karina is so cute and wears the most adorable outfits in Pierrot le Fou. And I fell in love with Jean-Paul Belmondo..again? Blah blah blah, I'm so redundant.]

Well, I wish there was something else of interest. My brain isn't making any kind of intelligent thought. I want to watch Sex and the City, will someone give me the complete seasons?

Finalment: Everyone is so irritating.


Well, crisis averted. Spongebob is ready.

Oh and hey, as insignificant as half-birthday's is mine. Ew, how gross that I've already been eighteen for six months. Is this a practical joke?

I guess this is appropriate.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nothing will ever make me more upset than when I find Spongebob season one on Netflix - instant - and then my PS3 decides, in this HOLY HOUR, to just freeze. And Netflix decides to be a douche and make my PS3 freeze. I don't even know what to do, because I need to be watching some Spongebob like..meh, now.

I saw that allegedly crazy Japanese film Audition a few hours ago! [I say allegedly because only ten minutes of the entire movie makes you feel ridiculously uncomfortable.] It's kind of funny because I was looking up Takashi Miike today! But I, of course, manage to overlook this human film and continue my research in the direction of Crow Zero..which looks pretty badass and I wish I could see it like right now. And I watched The Shining for the millionth time, too. I can't help but overlook the incredible laughfest Shelley Duval brings because, do you not force yourself to like Kubrick? And blood spraying out of elevators?

Oh, and I wish I could see Spongebob right now. This is some straight up nonsense., yeah. I need to go back to school before I'm left alone with more free time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post-Midnight Thoughts

Even though we're all accustomed to my mindless drabble, I feel like I have to warn you anyway.

I used to think that anyone who posted anything in terms of 'literature' that they wrote on the internet [specifically, Facebook] was automatically pretentious. I wonder if people feel that way anytime they feel like their own little bubble of hobbies is being invaded by humans who feel they have the same passion? If I see someone post up their artwork, I don't give it any kind of negative thoughts, unless it's based on the work itself. I can't tell if it's because writing in itself is just always pretentious unless anonymous..or because I'm judging everyone against myself.

[Well, not that I consider myself a writer at all. I write words a lot, but that doesn't mean much. But I guess I identify with this sort of stuff more than I do with any other kind of art..I guess.]

I just got home from seeing Blue Valentine, and I can't tell how I feel about it. At first I was blinded by depression and by an extremely abrupt ending to actually like it, but it's kind of growing on me as time passes. I guess the sadness was hard to take just because it was so real, and the cute moments were too bittersweet by that point to pull you out. Marriage seems less and less appealing every moment. Not that it matters, because I'm obviously going to fall into the trap one of these days and blindly assume it's going to be different for me. Maybe it will..or maybe I'll end up like a little Lifetime movie of my own. Ho hum.

I guess I'm going to lighten the mood by reading my freshly purchased American Psycho. I finished reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being today [side note: the book was so beautifully philosophical, and then the movie turned it into some kind of occupied Europe love story. Yuck] and I think I really enjoyed it. That might mostly be due to timing. I found myself putting down the book and having to take five minutes to think to myself about how much I agreed with what was being said. What was this paragraph about? American Psycho? Yeah, okay. The only thing I miss about being thirteen and buying my books from the young adult section was that everything didn't have to be so heavy and depressing all the time. I mean, even if it's funny, it has to be cynical in order for it to be considered good or intelligent. Not that I enjoy mindless fluff, though. Good to know I'm decisive. [Sarcasm.]

I feel like typing for another hour, but then I remember that someone is maybe going to read this and is maybe going to think I'm crazy, so I guess now would be a good time. I have to wake up early [ps: early means 12:00PM] to take my placement test at community college number two, blarg.

[I think I only like this song because he says 'I'm getting lost in your curls' and that makes me feel some kind of personal attachment to it. Being a girl is not fun.]


Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've been down so long, down don't worry me.

Self indulgence.

I was sitting on my kitchen floor for the last half an hour listening to that song on repeat. And then I realized I was sitting on my kitchen floor and decided I should get up before somebody comes home. Song? Still on repeat.

Jazz can either be really cheesy or really exactly how I'm feeling. Today, it's the latter.

Et maintenant, I'm going to bake me some cupcakes to take to a little [gothic] tea part I'm attending. I wish I had the outfit I have pictured in my head in my closet, but alas, I don't and then I remember that this is why I need to have money.

In real people news, why on Earth is there going to be a Final Fantasy XIII-2? Really, Square-Enix?

[I like how I just categorized that as real people news. Okay, Alex.]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am imageless.

I can't even type one sentence fully without backspacing. This is nonsense, but I can't put things into words lately. Which is kind of the only thing I ever had to rely on so, this is a little scary. Once upon a time I went through a ridiculously uninspired phase, and I'm kind of back there again. I'm getting too jaded to enjoy things and I'm kind of desensitized to everything around me.

Wait, but now everything sounds depressing and I am zero percent depressed. Just a little lost. I'm over being cynical.

Wait, also..I just reread some diary entries circa Freshman/Sophomore year. OH. My God, could I have been more of an idiot? I spent all my time obsessing over these two really insignificant things..and ended up being completely unsatisfied when I could have absolutely done a few things differently and ended up where I wanted to be. Wow. But I guess the only way to grow up being a functioning human being is to have all those really irritating and stupid mistakes to grow from..I guess. Jesus, though, I don't remember being that insecure haha. How terrible high school is. Well, was. But is, in general.

Well, I'm having a little pity party with myself and my brother's ice cream birthday cake. I guess I'm also having obesity party, part II. Do I deserve a Disneyland trip for my overworked psyche?

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Usual

I don't have enough posts where I obsess over Jean-Luc Godard. [Sarcasm.] But as I sit here eating my Middle Eastern dinner at 1 in the morning watching Pierrot le Fou, I think it only appropriate to express my love.

Every single shot is just so perfect. He uses the most beautiful humans. [Jean-Paul Belmondo? UGH. Brigitte Bardot? Anna Karina? They're all perfect. Oh my God, Jean Seberg. His female casting is the epitome of make-Alex-feel-inadequate.]

The best part of Le Mepris is at the very end when Camille says [in French, of course] "Get in your Alfa, Romeo." After Jerry asks her what she thinks of him.

And now that I'm editing this post exactly 12 hours after I started writing it, I realize that this post will only ever be relevant to me? Which means I'm done. Which also means the post below this one is the one that's going to have had more thought put into it, hahah. Oh weeeelll. Enjoy some movie stills.

The greatest thing on the internet.

I PROMISE that I am in the middle of an actual human post, but it's going to take me forever and I can't let my invisible readers down!

I can die happily. SO HAPPILY NOW.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick ps.

Peer pressured into a tumblr. Let's see how redundant I can get.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thoughts for a future Alex.

And the three seconds of ending almost made me hate the entire experience. How can a game with such badass writing and the greatest plot twist known to Alex-kind [Would you kindly? COME ON.] have the cheesiest ending? Gah. GAH.
Oh well, I hear I get a speargun in BioShock 2. And then I get Infinite, which is not allowed to disappoint me. Not even allowed.

Nazi zombies via Call of Duty BlOps. Number one way to feel like a badass. I wish I was playing it right now, but of course my brother's been hogging the TV all day..and of course the moment he leaves..I have to leave too.

If I could be one person I would want to be Darren Aronofsky. I saw Black Swan again last night and I forgot how good it was. The last five minutes will make me cry probably for the rest of eternity. [And, I'm not a crier. I don't cry. This is a big deal.] Aw, I want to have the creativity to make movies like that.

Aronofsky is a really fun last name to pronounce.

Inadequate is the strangest word to repeat over and over again.

Tigrel spelled backwards is lergit? [10 points to any Friend's fans. I've watched so many episodes of Friend's this past week..I don't even have words for this.]

Hmm..I'm going to be stuck in so much traffic unless I leave now. Fuck it, Nazi zombies > the extra 25 minutes I'll be stuck in my car listening to my scratched Pink Floyd CD because my iPod's dead.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Metaphorical Realism or Whatever

It was about five years ago that Kelly was presented with the question that would forever change her life. On one particular birthday, the favoritism her parents show for her twin brother was getting out of hand. In anger, she stormed out of the house, but not before her father could ask her the fateful question - "Kelly, what are you gonna do with your life?" With a voice full of confidence, she turned her head towards her parents and gave it to them straight. "I'm gonna get what I want."

With inspiration from the most inspiring, I'm going to try and figure out what it is I want. And maybe get it. I have a feeling that $300 shoes aren't too far off.

[Ps; Speaking of want - photoshoot, ice cream. Books. Longer hair, short hair, straight hair, more curly hair. What does this mean?]
[PPs; Obviously the aforementioned wants are just a shallow cover..because I don't know what I want. But I do know that I want to be successful and I want it to be because I'm doing something that I like more than I like doing other things. Oy vey.]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rant rant rant rant rant.

Cool, being sick with the same exact flu again.
Cool, absolutely no classes available for me.
Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool fuck.