Friday, January 7, 2011

Thoughts for a future Alex.

And the three seconds of ending almost made me hate the entire experience. How can a game with such badass writing and the greatest plot twist known to Alex-kind [Would you kindly? COME ON.] have the cheesiest ending? Gah. GAH.
Oh well, I hear I get a speargun in BioShock 2. And then I get Infinite, which is not allowed to disappoint me. Not even allowed.

Nazi zombies via Call of Duty BlOps. Number one way to feel like a badass. I wish I was playing it right now, but of course my brother's been hogging the TV all day..and of course the moment he leaves..I have to leave too.

If I could be one person I would want to be Darren Aronofsky. I saw Black Swan again last night and I forgot how good it was. The last five minutes will make me cry probably for the rest of eternity. [And, I'm not a crier. I don't cry. This is a big deal.] Aw, I want to have the creativity to make movies like that.

Aronofsky is a really fun last name to pronounce.

Inadequate is the strangest word to repeat over and over again.

Tigrel spelled backwards is lergit? [10 points to any Friend's fans. I've watched so many episodes of Friend's this past week..I don't even have words for this.]

Hmm..I'm going to be stuck in so much traffic unless I leave now. Fuck it, Nazi zombies > the extra 25 minutes I'll be stuck in my car listening to my scratched Pink Floyd CD because my iPod's dead.

Thanks for listening.

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