Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've been down so long, down don't worry me.

Self indulgence.

I was sitting on my kitchen floor for the last half an hour listening to that song on repeat. And then I realized I was sitting on my kitchen floor and decided I should get up before somebody comes home. Song? Still on repeat.

Jazz can either be really cheesy or really exactly how I'm feeling. Today, it's the latter.

Et maintenant, I'm going to bake me some cupcakes to take to a little [gothic] tea part I'm attending. I wish I had the outfit I have pictured in my head in my closet, but alas, I don't and then I remember that this is why I need to have money.

In real people news, why on Earth is there going to be a Final Fantasy XIII-2? Really, Square-Enix?

[I like how I just categorized that as real people news. Okay, Alex.]

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