Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am imageless.

I can't even type one sentence fully without backspacing. This is nonsense, but I can't put things into words lately. Which is kind of the only thing I ever had to rely on so, this is a little scary. Once upon a time I went through a ridiculously uninspired phase, and I'm kind of back there again. I'm getting too jaded to enjoy things and I'm kind of desensitized to everything around me.

Wait, but now everything sounds depressing and I am zero percent depressed. Just a little lost. I'm over being cynical.

Wait, also..I just reread some diary entries circa Freshman/Sophomore year. OH. My God, could I have been more of an idiot? I spent all my time obsessing over these two really insignificant things..and ended up being completely unsatisfied when I could have absolutely done a few things differently and ended up where I wanted to be. Wow. But I guess the only way to grow up being a functioning human being is to have all those really irritating and stupid mistakes to grow from..I guess. Jesus, though, I don't remember being that insecure haha. How terrible high school is. Well, was. But is, in general.

Well, I'm having a little pity party with myself and my brother's ice cream birthday cake. I guess I'm also having obesity party, part II. Do I deserve a Disneyland trip for my overworked psyche?

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