Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nothing will ever make me more upset than when I find Spongebob season one on Netflix - instant - and then my PS3 decides, in this HOLY HOUR, to just freeze. And Netflix decides to be a douche and make my PS3 freeze. I don't even know what to do, because I need to be watching some Spongebob like..meh, now.

I saw that allegedly crazy Japanese film Audition a few hours ago! [I say allegedly because only ten minutes of the entire movie makes you feel ridiculously uncomfortable.] It's kind of funny because I was looking up Takashi Miike today! But I, of course, manage to overlook this human film and continue my research in the direction of Crow Zero..which looks pretty badass and I wish I could see it like right now. And I watched The Shining for the millionth time, too. I can't help but overlook the incredible laughfest Shelley Duval brings because, do you not force yourself to like Kubrick? And blood spraying out of elevators?

Oh, and I wish I could see Spongebob right now. This is some straight up nonsense., yeah. I need to go back to school before I'm left alone with more free time.

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