Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, didn't see you there.

My recent blog posts look like they came straight out of Seventeen Magazine. Yech.

Monday, February 13, 2012

uno mas

I lied, I feel like making a ranty Valentine's post.

For starters, I care about this holiday as much as I care about President's Day or any other random holiday in the year that serves no purpose other than a.) getting you out of school early or b.) providing you with an occasion to dress up.

I guess the reason Valentine's is a step above President's Day is because it gives me an excuse to bake and pretend I'm a kitchen goddess. Which I'm not..but I love pretending to be.

ANNYway. I can tell you what tomorrow isn't meant to be, and that's a day to hate on yourself and be depressed and whiny and make the wahmbulance work overtime. No need for that nonsense. Since when does love have to mean romance? I hate the idea of someone having to search high and low for a date just because they feel like it's the right thing to do. Don't happen to have a date this year? Awesome, call up your mom and go grab dinner with her! Get in touch with your best friend[s] and eat shitty food! Buy doggie treats for your puppy! Really, why would anyone turn down a day entirely dedicated to being a fucking cheeseball and telling all the wonderful, perfect, amazing people in your life that you absolutely don't deserve to have around you that they're the shit? This isn't the 15th century anymore, chicks are not getting married at the age of 13. People stay single and it's unrealistic and annoying to set yourself up for these ridiculous standards. Maybe February 14th isn't a good day for you to go on a date! It's a Tuesday, for godsake.

Gah. I guess I can't hate too much, I know I was a 14-year-old desperate for all this bullshit once upon a time.

Side note, I really want to go buy cheesy, 3rd grade Valentine's cards. That might have to happen.

In conclusion, fuck the man, do your thing, don't hate your life, AND ENJOY THE SHIT OUT OF THIS UPCOMING VALENTUESDAY.


How does anyone get inspired without music?

It's funny how I can be brought out of my creative droughts by downloading a few new songs. [A few, meaning a bunch of albums for a decent amount of artists, haha.] BUT SERIOUSLY. I'm not even doing anything, but I feel extra motivated and not as depressed and dumpy as I had previously felt. Even if all I get out of this is my class schedule chart/college transfer courses list..that's more than I would have done otherwise.

Man, and it also has this way of making the future seem much less intimidating. Maybe it's because it brings you into the moment or something cheesy like that and allows you to just..melt into yourself. I am in desperate need of a working CD player/iPod converter in my vehicle. Oh wait..maybe I should focus on getting just getting said vehicle to run. [Boo, you Jeep.]

Things people need to bestow upon me for no reason:
A job!
A ticket to Coachella!
I would even settle for a reasonably priced ticket to Coachella!
A plane ticket to anywhere!

Oh, speaking of plane tickets! I think I've made the fateful decision to sell my EDC ticket [lol, I was going to EDC] in order to be able to use the money I make on something more useful. I could literally buy a round trip ticket to New York with all that extra cash sooo..I'm thinking it may perhaps be more useful.

What else can I bore you with? In typical Alex fashion, I have four books sitting next to me that I need to read..and of course I can't decide which one to pick first. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I can see the movie? Tender is the Night, because I have to return it to the library at some point? Dune, because I've been wanting to read it forever? A Clash of Kings, because A Song of Ice and Fire is my new fucking favorite thing on the planet? Wait, but seriously..if you haven't thrown yourself into this whole Game of Thrones thing, you REALLY need to do so. Immediately.

Hm, and I guess since it's Valentine's Eve I've obligated to make some sort of obligatory down with love comment. Man, I don't think I actually give two shits about this holiday. I used to just think it was because I was bitter, but I don't even have a reason to be bitter this year and I still think it's useless.

Okay, I could honestly keep typing forever but I've said AB-solutely nothing interesting or even remotely inspiring or worthwhile. I guess my fingers were in the mood to type..and I was in the mood to talk about insignificant areas of my life.

Happy Monday, mes enfants.