Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm in lesbians with you.

What the hell, man. This movie starts off with an 8-bit version of the Universal theme song. Are you kidding me? Is there any way a movie can turn out badly from that point on? In all honesty, it wasn't any kind of Inception mind-trip or super intelligent movie, but I don't even care. Even just the opening credits were beautiful enough to put on repeat. [And a friend of mine pointed out how everyone had really badass names, which is a true story.] Man, and the soundtrack makes me happy. And they use Zelda music in the background! He meets Ramona and basically falls in love with her to the sound of the Great Fairy Fountain. Wow. I want to watch it again now. Right now. But for free. Ps, girl who plays Ramona has such a pretty face and the prettiest shade of lipstick, baaaw.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


But I looked at all my open tabs and was extremely amused by the fact that you could get the most giant glimpse at my personality just by looking at it. I guess looking at someone's open tabs can tell you a lot about them? Or maybe I just finished forcing myself to watch Factory Girl [not much recommendation from me] and feel really deep and also wish that Hayden Christensen would come over and be my personal Bob Dylan. And I'm putting it here so I don't lose it. End.

PS: I hate Twilight for forcing me to like Muse in secret. DGAF, best band ever.
PSS: The lyrics I'm looking up are Falling Away with You. My hormones and I are having a great day.