Thursday, November 25, 2010

We got the handshake under our tongue.

I really really really really wish I could have bangs.

Happy Obese Day Off of School. <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I hear the horses thunder down in the valley below.

Damn you, Wildfox.

Thanks for taking my dreams and turning it into a photoshoot so I can stare endlessly and hate my life. I'm attributing my extremely terrible/annoying/boring last three months to my lack of shopping. The last thing I bought was some random dress in San Francisco and before that it had been another month since I'd gotten anything..and all that had been was a pair of denim overalls. So..yeah. Lacking a little inspiration from my closet, which sucks because that's one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better/confident. [Lolzcheese.] Mais, c'est vrai.

I have to somehow get a job but aahh, I don't actually want to have a sounds so terrible. It's not because I'm lazy, cross my heart, I just don't want to do the interviews and have to deal with the possibility of rejection, boooo. One day when I'm living in a box I'll get over it, though.

On an accomplished note, I did manage to read! I finished Cat's Cradle [after being inspired by a friend of mine] and I read The Great Gatsby, huzzah! [I missed out on the normal human reading time somewhere in my ditching class phase..oh, what? That was all of high school?] I am absolutely in love with Fitzgerald because his extreme romantic style completely caters to everything I'm in the mood for. I wish This Side of Paradise was tolerable after Amory got older..maybe I'll try again. Onto Lord of the Rings now..oy.

Hey. Scott Pilgrim is out on DVD and, GOD DAMMIT, I would very much like to see it again! But, zat is all I have for you now. Goodnight, goodnight.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

but you're on to me & all over me.

Waaah, I just want to bake brownies right now. We bought four million boxes of cake mix at Target the other day, and of course they're magically missing. The cookies are here though. [Poop.]

Crisis averted, I've just found the brownies. I can't decide if I want to bake, or if I want to read. I think I do want to read but the problem is I have too much on my plate and I can't decide which of the books I'm halfway through that I'm actually in the mood to read right now. [We have Anna Karenina, but that's in the car, Lord of the Rings (Fellowship), Fight Club (have I seriously not finished that yet?), Cat's Cradle, and I'm always itching to read Lolita. Grr-uh.]

Ps, I've been listening to the girliest music today. Sara Bareille's "Gravity", which usually earns a good skip when on shuffle, is what I'm in the mood for today. Most likely because I associated it with outer space which gave it a cute meaning, God damn. Lots of Regina Spektor, too. And whenever I have non-stop eating days I feel like those are always the most female. I really really really really really really need to exercise one of these days. I hate that I need money to that [/everything].

Um, everything I love right now at this second in a nice little visual.
[Not in the mood for resizing, désolé.]

&I just want to live here, aloneish.

Ps. I wish I was taking English and Calculus and French and Japanese and Chemistry and a lot of difficult things so I can remember how to use my brain and so I don't have to sit around and do nothing. I felt like my brain was rotting in high school but I'm feeling even worse about it now, maybe?

This song is the cutest thus far so I'm picking it for posting. No judgement, dudez.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

watch your heartache drip, can't keep away.

Nothing of any interest.

I am getting sick, my phone is dead, and I watched Breathless again. Taking a break right now from my four thousandth reading of Lolita. Seriously though, I can't seem to actually like books I read ever since I've been loving Lolita. Thanks, Sire Nabokov.

I want to go to France. And I want Jean-Paul Belmondo clone.

GOODNIGHT. Sorry for lack of images. <3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

there ain't no romance around here.

Hi, was this editorial taken directly from my brain images?

I can't deny it, that's the mood in a nutshell.

I want a job because..I want money to travel. Mainly to Paris, because everyone is so put together, and Japan, because everyone is way too cool for their own good.

[Even though this image may be a Korean girl group..I can't remember. Whatever, still awesome.]

Oh, we can throw in London. This girl is like, four and already exponentially cooler than I can ever dream to be. What is this.

Sigh. I should probably go revise my Astronomy midterm so I don't fail my first semester of [community] college. I actually am a little bit worried about my philosophy class..but..I don't have the energy to even talk about it.