Saturday, November 20, 2010

I hear the horses thunder down in the valley below.

Damn you, Wildfox.

Thanks for taking my dreams and turning it into a photoshoot so I can stare endlessly and hate my life. I'm attributing my extremely terrible/annoying/boring last three months to my lack of shopping. The last thing I bought was some random dress in San Francisco and before that it had been another month since I'd gotten anything..and all that had been was a pair of denim overalls. So..yeah. Lacking a little inspiration from my closet, which sucks because that's one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better/confident. [Lolzcheese.] Mais, c'est vrai.

I have to somehow get a job but aahh, I don't actually want to have a sounds so terrible. It's not because I'm lazy, cross my heart, I just don't want to do the interviews and have to deal with the possibility of rejection, boooo. One day when I'm living in a box I'll get over it, though.

On an accomplished note, I did manage to read! I finished Cat's Cradle [after being inspired by a friend of mine] and I read The Great Gatsby, huzzah! [I missed out on the normal human reading time somewhere in my ditching class phase..oh, what? That was all of high school?] I am absolutely in love with Fitzgerald because his extreme romantic style completely caters to everything I'm in the mood for. I wish This Side of Paradise was tolerable after Amory got older..maybe I'll try again. Onto Lord of the Rings now..oy.

Hey. Scott Pilgrim is out on DVD and, GOD DAMMIT, I would very much like to see it again! But, zat is all I have for you now. Goodnight, goodnight.

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