Wednesday, June 30, 2010

home on the range, I guess

Wah wah wah. Story time. Yesterday, I was at H&M with my cousin when some lady comes up to me and says, "Hello! I'm from American Apparel. Interested in working with us?" In my desperate state of needing a car, I would honestly take a job at a gas of course, I said yes. So this lady takes me picture and blahdy blah and says they'll get back to me. AKA I sit around anxiously until they either a.) get back to me or b.) a week passes, they don't get back to me, and I just feel like a complete shit. Oh boy.

Anyway, I'm going through a space cowboy phase. Someday's I'm more into the space, someday's I'm more into the cowboy..but, regardless. I think my happy medium entails me in a rocket ship [rocket ship outfit?] playing some Rocky Raccoon.

Meh, prepare for non-fashion related dumpage, but stilll inspirations, nonetheless!

PS, did anyone [lololol anyone aka Nikita and Ben. Unless there are some mystery people reading this?] see this movie? Man, I really only want to because they're so well dressed in this picture!

So long, partner.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"No. I'm Sid." "Oh, so I'm Nancy."

It's not summer until I'm driving down to Blockbuster at 11 PM to satisfy my (500) Days of Summer craving. I may or may not have seen it roughly one gazillion times, but it's not really getting old. Ah, the familiar feeling of wishing I was Zooey Deschanel and wishing that I was doing Joseph Gordon-Levitt [oops].

Aw, and the soundtrack is so cute too! I love when movies have soundtracks that suit everything [la la la, Cruel Intentions anyone?], it takes all the difficulty out of making your own playlist.

And, I wish I was a super hipster so I could have a party like this music video and wear all these clothes. And have nice hair.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm ill, not sick

Here is a post about me hating my life. My STATIONARY LIFE. One of my good friends just came back from a 16 days France trip and I thought it would be a good plan to visit him..but it ended up just being a good plan way to consume my being with jealousy. I'm Googling to make myself feel better, but I don't think it's working.

It's really irritating when the only thing you want to do in life is travel [..and buy clothes and take pictures, and meet new people, but all while traveling!] and it's so expensive, hmmmm. What I would do with a million dollars right now. But I guess I'm being a little melodramatic, ha. Images to lighten the mood, perhaps?

Hi, I love this picture and..actually, the entire editorial.

Wahfest aside, today was pretty relaxing. After the best night ever with mah friend Toni, I took it easy and did Bikram Yoga, aka my reason for existing, basically. Also, I know it's summer once I've busted out my Barbie nail polish again.

Love and peace and love and peace.

Monday, June 14, 2010

And on a side note..

OHkay Lil Wayne, Nabokov of rap, over here!
Credibility, -5 for me, and I am not really GAFing about it.
Like that line in Lollipop about safe sex and late text and latex? This is so catchy. What? What? And how many times can I say "I'm a millionaire, I'm a young money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair" and have my mouth never tire of it?
I don't even care about the complete irrelevance of this post. Nope.

Umm..I bought a pair of really cute Lolita cat eye sunglasses? I wish they were red or yellow, but I guess purple will do for now.

Okay, adieu on the reals now!

conquistador of my soul!

It's almost 1 AM, I'm more awake than I was at 1 PM, and I'm watching Netflix streamings of Hey Arnold. [Harold makes me want to get another kitty just so I can name it Cupcake! Or anything that I can name, really.]

Waaah, why don't I own this purse? Did you know that a roundtrip ticket from here to Tokyo would only [ha, only, like it's still not expensive] cost $794?! My mind is so clouded with images of becoming a Harajuku girl/Lolita/other cute Asian chica. Woe is me! In the meantime, I occupied myself in this California boresack [I<3LA] by going to Goodwill and buying a supah cute floral dress, yay! Oh, there should be a picture to accompany the statement right? Oh well.

I don't remember where I found this. The girl drawing is just a decent amount of adorable, whereas the male outfit makes me wish someone was desperately in love with me and would dress up as a trendy Mickey Mouse just to win me over, awh. [Cheesefest] I almost almost almost bought a pair of bright yellow, for lack of a better term, bowling shoes, but I told myself I'd only get them if they were under four dollars and they were $5.99, hmph! Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have a job and won't have to be quite so stingy. Hopefully.

Both of these girls are perfect and I wish I could somehow be them. [/superficial rant] Actually, maybe I just want to have a photoshoot that requires me to be in awkward positions like that. Why is it that these things are impossible to do when you're stranded in your house at 1:03 AM? I think I should probably stop typing now, so I shall. Adieu, adieu!