Monday, June 14, 2010

conquistador of my soul!

It's almost 1 AM, I'm more awake than I was at 1 PM, and I'm watching Netflix streamings of Hey Arnold. [Harold makes me want to get another kitty just so I can name it Cupcake! Or anything that I can name, really.]

Waaah, why don't I own this purse? Did you know that a roundtrip ticket from here to Tokyo would only [ha, only, like it's still not expensive] cost $794?! My mind is so clouded with images of becoming a Harajuku girl/Lolita/other cute Asian chica. Woe is me! In the meantime, I occupied myself in this California boresack [I<3LA] by going to Goodwill and buying a supah cute floral dress, yay! Oh, there should be a picture to accompany the statement right? Oh well.

I don't remember where I found this. The girl drawing is just a decent amount of adorable, whereas the male outfit makes me wish someone was desperately in love with me and would dress up as a trendy Mickey Mouse just to win me over, awh. [Cheesefest] I almost almost almost bought a pair of bright yellow, for lack of a better term, bowling shoes, but I told myself I'd only get them if they were under four dollars and they were $5.99, hmph! Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have a job and won't have to be quite so stingy. Hopefully.

Both of these girls are perfect and I wish I could somehow be them. [/superficial rant] Actually, maybe I just want to have a photoshoot that requires me to be in awkward positions like that. Why is it that these things are impossible to do when you're stranded in your house at 1:03 AM? I think I should probably stop typing now, so I shall. Adieu, adieu!

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