Wednesday, June 30, 2010

home on the range, I guess

Wah wah wah. Story time. Yesterday, I was at H&M with my cousin when some lady comes up to me and says, "Hello! I'm from American Apparel. Interested in working with us?" In my desperate state of needing a car, I would honestly take a job at a gas of course, I said yes. So this lady takes me picture and blahdy blah and says they'll get back to me. AKA I sit around anxiously until they either a.) get back to me or b.) a week passes, they don't get back to me, and I just feel like a complete shit. Oh boy.

Anyway, I'm going through a space cowboy phase. Someday's I'm more into the space, someday's I'm more into the cowboy..but, regardless. I think my happy medium entails me in a rocket ship [rocket ship outfit?] playing some Rocky Raccoon.

Meh, prepare for non-fashion related dumpage, but stilll inspirations, nonetheless!

PS, did anyone [lololol anyone aka Nikita and Ben. Unless there are some mystery people reading this?] see this movie? Man, I really only want to because they're so well dressed in this picture!

So long, partner.


  1. I did see that movie! Except, I don't recall any scenes where they dress that beautiful. By the way, I'm on your blog looking for something to inspire your birthday gift for tomorrow. Oh boy.. wish me luck haha

  2. Bahahah, three hundred lols at that comment. I wish I'd made a Seinfeld post.

  3. Is this Remember Me? You should definitely see it. it's so cute!

  4. That's what I keep hearing! I'm really excited for Netflix to finally send it my way, haha.