Sunday, February 7, 2010

i'm the star, you're the star, of the keytar.

My camera withdrawals were momentarily put aside for the weekend, yay! But I really do need to get started on that. I wish there was a magic camera fairy to do all the work for me, oy.

I'm wearing my friend's dress that used to be her mom's in the 80's. Grr, I wish we'd gotten a better picture of it, because it really is adorable, but at least you can see the best parts of it in these pictures - the giant bow, and the Sailor Moon-esque heart jewel, haha.

Anyway, I figure since I have the backdrop of photoshoot pictures to create the illusion of fashion, I can talk about things unrelated! First off, I've been really in the mood to watch some Dragonball Z lately. I used to literally be obsessed with it when I was younger, but whenever I try to watch it now I always get stuck on the three million filler episodes of Goku charging up the Spirit Bomb and whatnot.

Also, I went to Goodwill for the first time in an eternity and I bought myself a really cheesy, trendy '90's button up denim dress. I wish I could take a time machine back to that era so I can get all the grunge and Doc Martens out of my system! Actually, if we're talking time travel here I would like to go to France, pre-Revolution. But only if I was rich. [Marie Antoinette, whaat?] Or actually..Ante-bellum South! Oh, but my obsession with Gone With the Wind is an entirely different subject.

dress - vintage from my friend's mom's closet.

There are so many more topics my current scatterbrained state of mind would love to talk about, but I should probably spare you some more unrelated randomness. [: