Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what about sunrise?

Oh, prom. Ironically, the only reason I'm excited to go and the only reason I'm really dreading it is the dress. I always forget how picky I tend to be, oops. The only image I currently have in my brain is YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW, but I feel as though no silhouette actually works with that color. Bahhhumbug.

Well. I like this.

[It's definitely only a skirt. Oh Lord, haha.]

Waah, I'm screwed. I just feel like every prom dress is either, a.) unbearably cheesy or b.) unbearably expensive. Ah, the sweet smell of screwed over.

PS, I don't think I've ever celebrated Earth Day, but I'll take any excuse to play Earth Song.

PPS, oh sup Southern California. How about we cease with the rain?