Sunday, October 31, 2010


Leave it to me to be sick/moody/over feminine on Halloween weekend. I went to Disneyland, aka my favorite place in the universe, yesterday for my friend's birthday and I was so lethargic and on the verge of sick the entire time I could only half enjoy it, boooo hooo. And now it's Halloween and I'm pretty sure my costume is just going to be me in my sweatpants watching stupid films. I really want to get dressed up though.

Ps, anyone else feel like it's Valentine's Day rather than Halloween?

But, let's move on from this wahfest.

There were the cutest little plushie's in the store and I just wanted to sit and cuddle with this little Alice one, baaawawawaw.

I really wish I had a Stormtrooper costume..or any costume. Or something to do. Or something interesting to talk about.

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