Monday, October 4, 2010


It is an extreme curse as well as a blessing to be living in an era so engulfed with such streamlined technology. Or maybe only a curse for those of us unfortunate enough who are a.) actually really into these kinds of things and, also, b.) not rich enough to ACTUALLY experience it. Warning, this post is going to be totally fueled by a hatred I have for a particular cellphone I'm going to be stuck with for a month.

This is the bane of existence. It's called the Samsung SCH-u740, which doesn't make a difference to anyone. [Just a side note, if you're like me and are an extreme snob when it's comes to cellphones, anything that doesn't have a cool trendy name is going to be a plastic, outdated..well, piece of shit?] Listen. My hands are tiny and it is LITERALLY impossible for me to push the 'p' button on this phone. And also, anyone who types at a WPM speed know, 5 will want to commit suicide. Instantly. Gah.

In three years when I want to reminisce on my blogger days and reread this post, I have no doubt that I'm absolutely going to hate myself for being so spoiled, but it's really fine with me. In a world filled with expensive sports cars and mansions and $1,000 designer a Droid 2 really too much for a girl to ask for? ]:

Ps, don't even get me started on the Droid 2 R2D2. Oh, Lord.

WELL POOP. Putting my anguish on hold for a minute, here are some pikachu's from a recent adventure to Descanso Gardens Nikita and I took!

I guess that would be all. See you, Space cowboy.

WAITPS: BioShock is my reason for existing, I predict, during the month of October. I don't mind that I'm three years late. ONWARD, my plasmids are tingling.

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