Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forget about your house of cards

4 AM blogging just for the sake of doing it.

There is no other song I'd rather listen to at night, baaah. Why is it so good?

PS, photoshoot with Raffi today, yay.

I would post more, but I left my camera in the car! Waaah. So expect a non-4 AM edit of this post tomorrow? Even though I have to wake up at nine for a bridal shower, eff it all. [Non-4 am edit confirmed and handled.]

Oh, we watched the film Breathless in my philosophy & cinema class and I loved it so much! I wish Michel was a real human and in love with me, ha. But hormones aside, it was beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Ps, I wish I hadn't missed Cowboy Bebop tonight! I'm in the mood to be a space cowboy. But today was awesome so I guess it's fine. [Maybe pictures of there tomorrow too? What's the procedure, do I delete this when I actually edit the post? Haha, fml.]

Hey. Shit.

Oh and, a very merry 10/10/10 to all my listeners.


  1. thanks for the merry 10/10/10,
    i lol'd at your hormones aside statement,
    you look really hot in that second picture,
    annnnnd so down to be a space cowboy! hahah why are you so cool?!

  2. Baah, best comment ever! Hahah, thanks fellow space explorer. <3