Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the iceman cometh, Sander baby.

If I were to make a list of all the extremely productive things I did today instead of studying for Astronomy..this post would be too long. 2:41 AM doesn't stop me, by the way. This blog post is serving as just another medium for me to not be scientific.

Currently, I'm being fourteen again and watching Fruits Basket.

My biggest dilemma's of the moment seem to be:
a.) What am I supposed to be for Halloween? I secretly want to be Sailor Mars but I don't know if I have the means/energy to actually put a costume together? And while watching Star Wars the other day I got inspired to do some kind of cute Stormtrooper business..but I don't know if that's going to work either. Poop.

b.) What am I going to do with my life? But even now, this question is so on the bottom of my thought totem pole. Ps, number one is the extreme twist I just reached in BioShock. So many kinds of betrayed right now! And I wish I didn't have school/a life so I could just finish it and figure everything out already.

So, super lol at the Urban Outfitter's job fair I'll be attending on Wednesday. The only good thing about working there would be the 40% off discount. Retail is just so unappealing to me, regardless of how much I like clothing. Then again..I think I'm too lazy to find any kind of job appealing.

Ps, I want to be something for Halloween that allows me to use a gun as a prop. That is my only pre-requisite at this point.

And, finally, I saw Harold and Maude for the first time today and my soft-spot for any males with spider legs continues. Maybe this is just me subconsciously making up for my dwarf legs, hmmm.

Last ps of the night! Where's all the appreciation for Kirsten Dunst out there?

There's this issue of Lula that she guest-edited for a million years ago, and her editorial in it makes me want to die. I have the picture somewhere, so I'm sure I'll do a post on it at some kind of decent hour.

I'll end my ramblings now, I guess. Bon nuit!

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