Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On était jeunes, on était fous

Ready, ready, ready.

Real life meme's are great. There's nothing to write, but I'm feeling especially cheery today for the first time in JESUS KNOWS HOW LONG, so I figured I should take advantage of it and type..or whatever.

Family Guy and Friends. That's it, that's all we need televisions for. In case you were wondering. [Which I guess isn't true, I do need me a dosage of Sex and the City..and Attack of the Show..and Top Gear..and Seinfeld. But the list ends there, dammit!]

So, in the haze of my Godard phase I was trying to think of other favorites that I have, and I remembered good ol' Vladimir Nabokov. Then I realized that the only book of his I'd ever actually read was Lolita and even though it's the greatest piece of literature in the world..can that really mean he's my favorite? So I took my hefty copy of Ada off of my bookshelf and am attempting to read it now, but it is by far the most difficult thing I have ever read in my life. What.

The internet on a good day is awesome and endlessly amusing and just fucking perfect. I guess I can post some of the things I have enjoyed today, merci a tumblr.

My life every time I set an alarm:

My life every time I have to school:

Goku is real:

Peter Griffin is real:

This was just lol worthy and whatnot:

Wait. Didn't I get a tumblr for me to post random images on? That's fine, Alex.

In human news! I think I may be kind of, maybe, not really deciding what I want to major in? It's such an incomplete thought at this time that I don't want to write it down because I know the idea will grow/change within three seconds. But I guess..basically, I would be very content with some kind of literature/language major and a minor in something production/film related..because everyone who works in entertainment makes so much money and gets to do cool shit.

Wow, I can't wait to read this in a month and wonder what I was thinking, haha.

Also, my life has been me sitting at home watching movies and internetting and reading and being alone and gross. I miss seeing people that I actually like on a daily/semi-daily/at least weekly basis. Why does everyone live to far? Booooo hoo.

Ps, the worst part of my day is when everyone comes home from school/work! Wah once more.

Oh! And tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and I want to go to Chinatown and pretend that I'm Asian, dammit! And there's some kind of ceremony thing that happens tonight at midnight, but the odds of me finding someone willing to go to Chinatown with me at midnight seem pretty slim. Merde.

This is the longest post ever, and I wish I had some pretty words or sentences to throw around, but my inspiration does not lie in text today! Lie or lay? Can I go back to school?

Oh, no, I can't. I'm still stuck in France circa 1963. Thanks.


  1. Haha! I feel like I just saw all the comments you left on my posts now. D:<

    I'm so glad I made your lol. <3

  2. my sounds better now that i'm reading this hahah and wtf these were all really funny things xD