Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things everyone really cares about.

In case someone ever says to me, "Hey, Alex. Give me some songs that you think really suit Wednesday, February 16 at 5:18 PM."

I think this is probably my favorite Beatles song. Or I'm a little biased because it came on shuffle and I thought, "Oh! I'm really in the mood for this," and then decided it was my favorite. I like the studio version better only because you can hear the harmonies much better..but aw, they're so adorable live.

Speaking of harmonies, no one reaaaaally does it better than the Beach Boys. I'm in love.

The fact that I have an entire playlist dedicated to only Cowboy Bebop should speak for itself. In my dreams I can be this cool with my harmonica. Hey, when did I decided that I was going to have a commentary for all these videos? Also, I'm really amused that I'm doing this because every other tab open right now involves school, ha. I'm definitely supposed to be finding things to fill my schedule. Uhh..this is more important, right?

Oh dear Lord, can we also take a look at this playlist I made on May 7, 2008?

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I'm pretty amused, can't pretend.