Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh why, oh why, oh why

Why can't I just like Barbie's and other girl things?
I wish I didn't play video games sometimes. And I wish I didn't like Star Wars. I wish my favorite movie was The Notebook.

But I'm only writing these things because it's 5:58AM and I'm moderately inebriated A little annoyed that I always end up just being 'one of the guys'.

Sorry for this little diary entry, my friends. Too much whiskey in my system for me to have shame. [Which reminds me..WHY DO I LIKE WHISKEY? Why can't I just barely tolerate vodka like a girl? Insert every sort of dissatisfied emoticon here!

Oh oh. Um, there was something else to say but I totally forgot. It's 6:02 now and I have to muster up the energy to wash my face and change. Jesus, thanks for reading this nonsense. This is the most nonsense of them all.

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