Wednesday, December 1, 2010

you eye each other as you pass; she looks back, you look back.

All I have been thinking about for the past two days is money and I would I would be doing with it if I had any, ladeda. [Hopefully that doesn't sound too greedy..I'm fantasizing about baby things here. Like..going to Little Tokyo. Having gas. Going to a flea market.]

Man, oh man, these Versus dresses make me want to cry I want them so bad.

Booo, if I only I had $3,000 dollars to spend on dresses..Lord.


Ps, I want to go to yoga and I want to go to New York and I want to be able to visit my friend in Santa Monica and want want want want.
Mostly, I want to go to yoga because the Victoria's Secret fashion show made me hate my life. How are any of us normal humans supposed to compete with that? Oy vey.

Speaking of oy vey, Happy Hanukkah? I secretly want to celebrate it so I can have something to do until Christmas. [Ps, we put our tree up today, yaaay!]

Okay, that's enough rambling. Now it's time to write a five page human sexuality paper. Hu-zzah.

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