Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm on the outside, looking inside.

I like to waste time. I enjoy it because nothing in life can ever be more than a waste of time. Being-towards-death. Depressing, but true. If a man making a six-figure salary inventing the new internet and a man making just enough for his rent, living off his paintings are equally as happy, I don't see a reason why one should be considered a more efficient human. I like to wear face masks and play video games. One day I'll be inspired to waste my time in a way that allows me to make something for myself, but doing it now would be some forced, uninspired nonsense.

Speaking of humans, why is it in our nature to always disappoint?

Blah blah blah, I don't know what to make my xbox gamertag. Being a girl sucks right now.

I saw a double-feature of The Godfather last night in some random theater, and it was legitimate. Except for the part where we left early during part II because..it's the longest movie known to man. Seriously, my heart belongs to Santino Corleone [my heart belongs to everyone, this phrase means nothing]..and shoes. I've decided they're the only things in the world worth crying over/pining over. Which leads us back to humans disappointing? Full circle, huzzah!

Oh, and I have a job at American Apparel. But weeee..don't need to talk about that.

This song.

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  1. Ive given a lot of thought to the whole "waste of time" thing. You make a good point with the rich guy and the guy barely getting by, but even if they weren't both equally as happy- It really won't make a difference once they are both dead. from then on they are both exactly the same- rotting bones... muscle without electricity going through it anymore... lol a little discouraging, but maybe until then things do matter :P