Saturday, December 4, 2010

now that you feel it, you don't.

Cute cute cute cute cute. Christopher Robin should have been cast as Han Solo in the first place.

It's 1 degree in my house, aka too cold to sleep so I thought I would be productive and watch the episodes of DBZ with Future Trunks. <3 I don't think I'll ever forgive Akira Toriyama for making him the ultimate dude of badassery in the future, and seriously, even as a little kid, and then a making him a c o m pl e t e wuss in GT. Except..Akira Toriyama totally didn't do GT so I guess everything makes sense. [Except for this paragraph.]

Now I'm going to be productive by playing Soul Silver, woooho. Gold and Silver were the only Pokemon games I never played and of course they're supposed to be the best ones. -___- Good. But ladeda, better late than never?

Ps, the best way EVER to waste twelve dollars is to go watch The Warrior's Way. Actually, it almost wasn't a waste because I get so much enjoyment out of talking about how ridiculous it is. It spent maybe an hour and twenty minutes of the movie building up this really, really, really awkward romance and then when it's time for the epic battle scene it's pretty lame. Ohhh man.

Pps, I should stop listening to In Rainbows on repeat because I don't want to get sick of it. Dang it.

Mmm, that's all I got. Surprisingly, I didn't have too many words crowding my brain today. Adieu.


  1. hahaha Lauren and I saw a commercial for The Warrior's Way while at a gamestop with Mahboubian- It looked so rediculously stupid... I'm sorry that you payed to watch that :/

  2. Except it was secretly worth it, hahaha. It was preeeeetty amusingly terrible.