Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you're lonely you can talk to me.

My little angel of a camera is broken, so I'm not quite sure how to function at the moment. That, combined with the oddly unfamiliar California rain-streak has led me be without outfit pictures/outfits worth picturing.

In the meantime! I finally broke out of my lazy schedule of school, immediately popping in a Friend's DVD, and sleep long enough to jump back into the blogosphere, or whatever it's called. Muchos gracias to Liebemarlene Vintage for making a post about this really really super awesome Tumblr, Oh! You pretty things. It's filled with those perfect, softly lit 70's era pictures that are the highlights of my liiife, as well as other deacdes of inspiration. So, for all of you stuck in terrible January weather, enjoy. <3 >

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