Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ellen, oh ellen!

I have literally fallen in love with photographer Ellen von Unwerth! She captures all the fun of being female, and portrays the mysterious woman we all wish we could be. [Or maybe, for the lucky few, the mysterious woman you are.]

I love this one because a.) hello, Mickey Mouse?! and b.) this is what my hair would look like in a perfect world. But alas, I am stuck with mediocre curly. Oh and the outfit, DUH.

I lovelovelove anything and everything Zooey Deschanel. If I could trade lives with one person in the world it would proobably be her.

Love the pin up vibe and absolutely LOVE the leopard shoes paired with the yellow.

I would probably pay someone to let me lay in that field and take pictures..more or less with the Marie Antoinette inspired theme. [Ugh, remind me to do a post about my obsessions, please.]

Oh come on..Pikachu mittens? Adorable.

Photos via The Fashion Spot

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