Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Memoirs of a Melodramatic

Hi, Earth. Today is July 26th and in two days I will be nineteen. I wish this wasn't such a horrifying thought and I really wish I didn't have this terrible hatred for the number nine. But I mean, eight is a really great number and eighteen kind of sucked a lot. So, you know. We'll see.

In a weird place, in a weird blog post. Bah. I'm getting really tan for no reason, it's kind of weird. I haven't listened to music in a really long time. All I want to do on my birthday is drink whiskey and smoke a cigar, even though I hate smoking, and maybe play some Mario Kart. Well. I actually want to play Street Fighter. And hang out with the five people in the world that I don't hate. And..have a cute dress to wear. Everything is really super weird right now and I want to ride the weirdness wave to the end so everything can be normal again. Well, "normal".

C'est fin, I guess.

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