Sunday, December 2, 2012

In the midst of a research paper breakdown

Or, how Alex is completely avoiding the writing process.
Research papers are so hum-drum, and so drained of emotion and creativity so I can't bring myself to actually sit down and git 'er done. This one is actually supposed to be on "passionate topics" aka human rights violations but, dear L O R D. I feel it would be a better use of my time to sit here and look at inspiration things. [Inspiration thing of the moment: Yoshitaka Amano. He did the concept art for most of the Final Fantasy games, and his work is so ethereal and wonderful. Ps, I decided recently that I want to learn to draw/paint/art! Just for my own (doodling) benefit.]

The worst part is that I know I will, eventually, soon, have to sit and start typing my life away to parenthetical citations. 11:19PM is soon going to turn into 2AM and I do really want to sleep eventually. Just not now, because The Holiday is on tv.

Also, I want to beat Super Meat Boy. And play other games. And bake cupcakes. And plan birthday's that are coming up in two days. And do arts and crafts. And. Etc.

Okay fine. I guess I'll actually go type something that's beneficial to my a bit.

Tea, anyone?

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