Saturday, September 8, 2012

I don't like temporary, nothing horrifies me more than temporary. Be brave enough to say forever or not at all. Realize that things can grow within themselves and that it isn't always necessary to breathe and begin again. In all aspects of life. Going into anything with an end in sight is the most potent way to ensure that you get nothing from the experience. You don't dive into the water with the intentions of coming out dry. If it's not what you want in the beginning, it's not what you're going to want at any point in time. Stop falling half-heartedly into everything.


  1. Word. do things with your whole heart or don't do it at all! and that's not saying things shouldn't change but rather to just live in the moment and let whatever happens happen. and at least lean towards positive if you have to create an ending in your head! haha

  2. Hahahah you just summed up everything I was trying to say in like two sentences. <3