Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I say this a lot, but it's really continuing to stress me out. I hate that I/so many people I know just sit around all day on the computer looking at pictures of things and thinking, "Oh, I want to do that!". It's the worst when it comes to Tumblr because people LITERALLY post pictures that say, "I want to go on an adventure!" and "I want to go out and do insert totally doable activity here!" etc etc. It just seems to me that it's SO incredibly easy to get off you ass and do something with your life. This is one thousand percent directed at me, ps. I'm so annoyed and disappointed with the way I'm treating my youth. Honestly, one day I'm going to be seventy years old and my only options for the day will be to sit around the house and watch television and nap. I'm nineteen years old, for fuck's sake, what am I doing in my room all day and night? Or doing the same, mundane activities?

I don't know where all the aggression is coming from, ha. I'm on day seven hundred of my period and the cramps have just kicked in, so excuse me for being a little angry at the universe.

So, okay. I hope the next time I'm sitting on my bed, watching episodes of Sex and the City/Friends/Seinfeld I've seen ONE THOUSAND MILLION TIMES and eating food to the point of nausea, I will read this and go out and fucking do something.

Okay, le fin. <3

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