Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughts not made for other eyes.

I'm sitting on my bed wearing red lipstick and a cowgirl shirt a la Rachel when she goes to the laundromat with Ross for the first time. I was attempting to have a photoshoot with myself, then remembered I don't live in the era of Myspace where self-portraits were acceptable. Hey. I really want to start having photoshoots again. Oh wait, that wasn't the point of this post. Anyway, I posted this earlier and then got nervous and deleted it the moment I got home from school but..I wrote this one million years ago and..well, there's this Sylvia Plath quote about how whenever you try to write something you down you can never capture it perfectly. Like, you always over or under dramatize it, and you never really get it right. This is an example of me being OH, so overdramatic. And silly. Most of it is silly. However. I have an urge to post it, so I shall. So judge me not. Especially the part where I whine about boys and get all pseudo-intellectual and insightful when it comes to Godard. Sigh. Should I stop apologizing? Probably.

Just kidding. Deleted again, lol.

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