Monday, March 28, 2011

Enclose me in your gentle reign.

Dude, what's a blog?

I don't know why I don't write anymore but..oh well. Here I am once more with something else irrelevant to type about.

First and foremost, it would be cute if Asian fashion magazines equaled my real life.

I think my brain got on this train after a conversation I had with Nikita, but it's pretty silly how there are literally only two types of people in the world. There are the ones who think of life as, "Oh, everything is so beautiful and amazing and I'm so blessed all the time and blahdyblah," and then the humans who are way more cynical about it. Kind of like, "Oh hey, the Earth is so huge and we are so insignificant and all people are the same." Now that I've typed it out, I'm realizing that there are a few different categories in the middle somewhere but pretend that doesn't exist for the sake of this paragraph. ANYway, I guess my point in all this is that it's really annoying being the second type, because whenever anyone attempts to say something nice to me I always rationalize it in my head because, really, people pay attention to the silliest things. I guess that's what's kind of been on my mind today, and now it's what's on my blog.

Also, isn't it the worst when you listen to a song just because there's one line you really really like, and it lasts three seconds and you just want to rewind the same part over and over again? Lol, I don't know why I'm feeling so pseudo-insightful today but you can just deal. And this is kind of relevant, the title of this blog post is my favorite line in the song and I always assumed he said 'reign' because I like it better, but it could just as easily be 'rain' and I wish I could ask Jim Morrison to give me the real answer.

Eye candy to reward you for making it this far.

Fuck not having music in my car, ps. I dread driving now, it's such a miserable experience without an iPod and I totally took it for granted. Boo hoo.

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